Together for Autism

    A little bit about Zachary…..

    Zachary Marano is 11 years old and will be in grade 6 at St. Timothy’s School in Burlington this fall. Zachary was diagnosed with PDD-NOS before his second birthday.

    This year Zachary decided to write his speech on “autism”. He became interested in autism when he learned that he was autistic. At first, Zachary was very upset; he did not want to be autistic, he did not want to be different from his classmates. However, over time, Zachary came to realize that being autistic was OK, and that it brought many special gifts.

    Zachary enjoyed sharing his speech and everyone commented on how much they learned. Although Zachary’s speech did not win the speech competition, he did impress all the judges and audience. So much so, that they decided to videotape his speech and placed it on the school’s webpage. He also received a standing ovation when he presented his speech at Autism Ontario’s A.G.M. in June this year. He not only brings a better understanding of autism, but also laughter and tears, and as he so clearly explains, “Mommy, I’m famous!”

    Written by Zachary's Mom, Tina (2009)