Together for Autism

    Autism Ontario provides a number of scholarship and award opportunities as well as travel bursaries to research conferences. These unique opportunities are funded in part from the Together for Autism annual campaign.

    Past Recipients
    Click here to see a list of the recipients. Many of these individuals have written an article relating to their particular field of ASD research. These articles have been published in Autism Ontario’s magazine Autism Matters (formerly The Autism Newslink) or a special publication. Others have written articles about their experiences at the event and what they learned. Links to those articles are attached.

    Fundraising Dollars Benefit Research
    To get a better understanding of the value of supporting new and ongoing research in Canada with the dollars raised through our program, here are a number of articles and interviews.

    Dr. James Bebko - Chair of Autism Ontario's Research Committee 2008-10
    Dr. Jonathan Weiss - scholarship recipient
    Valorie Salimpoor - scholarship recipient